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ZNT Cattle
   Rhome, Texas   [found 15017 times]
Zietlow Distributing
   McPherson , Kansas   [found 53672 times]
Young Ranch Longhorns
   Manchester, Michigan   [found 14700 times]
Young Cattle Company
   Lexington, Illinois   [found 21894 times]
Wyoming West Realty LLC
   Guernsey, Wyoming    (307) 836-2222

Our real estate agents have a wide range of experience to assist in any real estate situation. Our Realtors handle residential, commercial, farm and ranch, property management and referrals.   [found 130482 times]
Wyoming CattleWomen
   Arapahoe, Wyoming   [found 139622 times]
Wyoming Angus Association
   Casper, Wyoming   [found 29581 times]
Wulf Cattle
   Morris, Minnesota   [found 52694 times]
Wright Way Angus
   St. John, Washington   [found 11753 times]
Wright Livestock Inc
   North Platte, Nebraska   [found 14984 times]
World Watusi Association
   Walnut Springs, Texas   [found 28902 times]
Woodward Livestock Auction, Inc.
   Woodward, Oklahoma   [found 44936 times]
Woodstone Angus Scotch-Irish Conservatory
   New Ulm, Texas   [found 28167 times]
Wood V Bar X Ranch
   Sandpoint, Idaho   [found 13858 times]
Withers Livestock
   Delta, Utah   [found 11743 times]
Winter Hill Farm
   Freeport, Maine   [found 10505 times]
Winfield Livestock Auction
   Winfield, Kansas   [found 29337 times]
Windmill Angus Ranch
   Haigler, Nebraska   [found 47453 times]
Wilson Wildlife Plots
   Scottsbluff, Nebraska    308-635-2640

Dr. Bob Wilson specializes in Plot Design, Plot Installation and Food Plot Research including Forage Chicory and Fodder Beets. Wilson Wildlife sells seed for chicory and fodder beet seed. He has found success in drawing in turkey and deer with chicory and fodder beets, and they are both good grazing for sheep, cattle and other livestock.   [found 43892 times]

Willow Bend Ranch
   Bruceton, Tennessee   [found 31666 times]
Willie Cattle Company
   Malad, Idaho   [found 11032 times]
Wildcat Cattle Company
   Darlington, Wisconsin   [found 10646 times]
Wienk Charolais Ranch
   Lake Preston, South Dakota   [found 31963 times]
Wichita Livestock Sales Co., LLC
   Wichita Falls, Texas    940-541-2222

Sale every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.   [found 33279 times]
Whitestone Farm
   Aldie, Virginia   [found 28824 times]
White Rock Longhorns
   Jacksboro, Texas   [found 10738 times]
White Hawk Beef Makers
   Buchanan, Georgia   [found 14302 times]
Whispering Oaks Ranch
   Cat Spring, Texas   [found 11995 times]
Whispering Hills Farm
   Dallas, Oregon   [found 12747 times]
Wheeler and Son Cattle Co
   Holton, Kansas   [found 12920 times]
Westwind Angus Ranch
   Oroville, California   [found 28733 times]
Western Video Market
   Cottonwood, California   [found 31993 times]
Western Livestock Auction, LLC
   Great Falls, Montana   [found 46623 times]
Wells Family Farms
   King City, Missouri   [found 13017 times]
Wedel Red Angus Ranch
   Leoti, Kansas   [found 12017 times]
Wedekind Manufacturing
   Lindsay, Nebraska   [found 19901 times]
Webster Cattle
   Powersville, Missouri   [found 9596 times]
Weber Land & Cattle
   Lake Benton, Minnesota   [found 12331 times]
Weaver Angus Farm
   Edwards, Illinois   [found 10949 times]
Watkins Cattle Company
   Welsh, Louisiana   [found 10495 times]
Washington Cattlemen's Association
   Ellensburg, Washington   [found 29168 times]
Warfield Cattle
   Marriottsville, Maryland   [found 10724 times]
Ward Ratliff Cattle Company
   West Liberty, Kentucky   [found 11293 times]
Walter Cattle Company
   Elk City, Oklahoma   [found 11719 times]
Wagon Wheel Ranch
   Yuma, Colorado   [found 144439 times]
Waggoner Cattle Company
   Carthage, Mississippi   [found 11210 times]
W.Thorne Land and Cattle, Inc.
   Adair, Oklahoma   [found 8048 times]
W. T. Waggoner Ranch
   Vernon, Texas   [found 31294 times]
Voogt Farms
   Marne, Michigan   [found 13455 times]
Vogler Cattle Company
   Ashland, Nebraska   [found 29820 times]
Vitalix Inc.
   Sidney, Nebraska   [found 45005 times]
   St Joseph, Missouri   [found 11791 times]
Vista Trend Gelbvieh
   Gering, Nebraska    (308) 436-7219

VISTA TREND GELBVIEH and JBK GELBVIEH and ANGUS have been raising QUALITY Registered GELBVIEH seedstock in the Panhandle of Nebraska for twenty years. We have Tademarked the 'REGULATOR' (R) which is an Angus/Full Blood Gelbvieh cross that has proven to be a very powerful cross. Our Annual Bull Sale date is the last Saturday of March each year. Sale is at Platte Valley Livestock in Gering, Nebraska and begins at 1:00 pm.   [found 153340 times]
Vision Angus
   Amherst, Colorado   [found 128361 times]
Vin-Mar Cattle Company
   Gordan, Nebraska   [found 37190 times]
Vida Nueva Ranch
   Burton, Texas   [found 15943 times]
Verdigre Livestock
   Verdigre, Nebraska   [found 33172 times]
Vaquero Series DVD set
   Santa Barbara, California   [found 51676 times]
Van Liew Ranch
   Tecumseh, Oklahoma   [found 13331 times]
Van Dyke Angus Ranch
   Manhattan, Montana   [found 44461 times]
Van Beek Ranch
   Pollock, South Dakota   [found 34343 times]
Valentine Livestock
   Valentine, Nebraska   [found 31568 times]
V8 Ranch
   Wharton, Texas   [found 15467 times]
Uvalco Supply
   Uvalde, Texas   [found 30339 times]
Upstream Ranch
   Taylor, Nebraska   [found 10224 times]
Upchurch Angus Cattle
   Lineville, Alabama   [found 28024 times]
Universal Semen Sales, Inc.
   Great Falls, Montana   [found 170155 times]
United Braford Breeders
   Tyler, Texas   [found 28196 times]
TX Enterprises
   Winston-Salem, North Carolina   [found 29806 times]
Twin Creeks Ranch
   Houston, Texas   [found 12600 times]
TUSA Show Cattle
   Reagan, Texas   [found 11365 times]
Turtle Rock Angus
   Lovilia, Iowa   [found 10389 times]
Tulia Livestock Auction
   Tulia, Texas   [found 30524 times]
Tudor Oak Farms
   Asheboro, North Carolina   [found 11586 times]
Triple S Cattle Service
   Liberty Hill, Texas   [found 11632 times]
Triple S Cattle Co
   Southside, Alabama   [found 11469 times]
Triple H Simmentals
   Hannaford, North Dakota   [found 31648 times]
Triple H Hog Farms
   Alhambra, Illinois   [found 14315 times]
Triple H Cattle Company
   Joppa , Alabama   [found 11127 times]
Triple Crown Ranch
   Angleton, Texas   [found 18032 times]
Triangle J Ranch
   Miller, Nebraska   [found 36120 times]
Triangle Acres
   Freeport, Illinois   [found 31155 times]
Tri-State Livestock News
   Belle Fourche, South Dakota   [found 107858 times]
Tri-Star Stock Farm
   Gilt Edge, Tennessee   [found 12986 times]
Treffer Ranch
   Broken Bow, Nebraska   [found 148468 times]
Treadwell Cattle Company, LLC
   Frederick, Oklahoma   [found 26049 times]
Traynham Ranches
   Arbuckle, California   [found 27077 times]
Town Creek Farm
   West Point, Mississippi   [found 11835 times]
Torrington Livestock Markets
   Torrington, Wyoming   [found 161753 times]
Tom King Ag Supply
   Oshkosh, Nebraska    (308) 772-3748

The Callicrate Bander product feature ... non-surgical procedure, increase performance, reduce stress, humane castration and de-horning   [found 178639 times]
TL Longhorn Ranch
   Kopperl, Texas   [found 11795 times]
TK Cattle Company
   Burwell, Nebraska   [found 10407 times]
Tinney Farms
   Hanceville, Alabama   [found 11266 times]
Timeless Fence Systems
   Greeneville, Tennessee   [found 34967 times]
Timberland Cattle
   Vernon, Alabama   [found 30150 times]
Timber Creek Ranch
   Marietta, Oklahoma   [found 13163 times]
Three Aces Cattle Company
   Clinton, Tennessee   [found 11947 times]
Thompson Show Steers
   Wessington Springs, South Dakota   [found 28669 times]
Thompson Family Harvesting, LLC
   Lewiston, Minnesota   [found 6311 times]
Thomas Ranch
   Harrold, South Dakota   [found 30197 times]
Thomas Charolais, Inc.
   Raymondville, Texas   [found 10730 times]
Thomas and Son Farms
   Boonsboro, Maryland   [found 11533 times]
The Lone Star Ranch (free listing refused by customer)
   Whitewright, Texas   [found 13500 times]
The J.C. Smith Co
   San Saba, Texas   [found 41787 times]
The Heifer Shop
   Katy, Texas   [found 12497 times]
The Growers Edge
   Des Moines, Iowa   [found 24279 times]
The Farmers State Bank
   Oakley, Kansas   [found 43515 times]
The Cattle Range Magazine
   Amarillo, Texas   [found 40947 times]
The American Rancher Video on Braunvieh Females
   ,   [found 20580 times]
Thaemert Hay Farms
   Hillrose, Colorado   [found 148155 times]
Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
   Fort Worth, Texas   [found 36595 times]
Texas Cattlewomen
   ,   [found 5057 times]
Texas Cattle Feeders Association
   Amarillo, Texas   [found 31897 times]
Texas Braunvieh Association
   Canadian, Texas   [found 30600 times]
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
   Ft Worth, Texas   [found 34346 times]
Tennessee River Music Inc
   Fort Payne, Alabama   [found 11769 times]
Tennessee Cattlemen's Association
   Murfrreesboro, Tennessee   [found 11368 times]
Tehama Angus Ranch
   Gerber, California   [found 28689 times]
TD Angus at Rishel Angus
   North Platte, Nebraska   [found 41417 times]
Taylor Family Shorthorns
   Sharon, Oklahoma   [found 13730 times]
Taubenheim Gelbvieh
   Amherst, Nebraska   [found 32653 times]
Tama Livestock Auction
   Tama, Iowa   [found 28783 times]
Tall Grass Cattle Company
   Wellington, Kansas   [found 11630 times]
TA Brahmans
   Rockledge, Florida   [found 8254 times]
Sylvanglades Farm
   Licking, Missouri   [found 41424 times]
Swihart SI Feeders
   Quinter, Kansas    800-864-4595

This approach makes dollars and sense, by using an area smaller than a pasture and larger than a feedlot. These S.I. Feeders reduce stress and provides a better environment for the cattle year around. An Arrow Front feeder will take any type of feed to a clean area where it can be consumed with less waste and reduces the manure buildup.   [found 48925 times]
Swihart Mist Sprayers
   Quinter, Kansas    800-864-4595   [found 65696 times]
Sweetwater Plantation
   Dearing, Georgia   [found 12071 times]
Swain Select Simmentals
   Louisville, Kentucky   [found 27794 times]
Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
   Minneapolis, Minnesota   [found 11395 times]
Superior Livestock Country Cattle Page
   Fort Worth, Texas   [found 34455 times]
Superior Livestock Auction
   Fort Worth, Texas   [found 43459 times]
Sunrise Farms
   Cottage Grove, Tennessee   [found 12399 times]
Sunnyslope Angus Farm
   Lanesboro, Minnesota   [found 11340 times]
Sunflower Genetics, LLC
   Maple Hills, Kansas   [found 33834 times]
Sundowner Trailer Corporation
   Coleman, Oklahoma   [found 48896 times]
Sullivan Farms Maternal Legends
   Dunlap, Iowa   [found 17800 times]
Strang Herefords and Black Angus
   Meeker, Colorado   [found 49152 times]
Straight Arrow Cattle Co.
   ,   [found 11538 times]
Stone Gate Farms Angus Cattle
   Flemingsburg, Kentucky   [found 14010 times]
Stoddard Ranch
   Norris, South Dakota   [found 36315 times]
Stewart Ponderosa
   Kenner, Texas   [found 10083 times]
Sterzick Farm
   Lowell, Michigan   [found 11155 times]
Stertzbach Cattle Company
   Louisville, Ohio   [found 14871 times]
Stein Angus Farm
   Stillwater, Oklahoma   [found 13090 times]
Steer Planet LLC
   Emporia, Kansas   [found 7282 times]
Stars Over Texas Longhorns
   DeWitt County, Texas   [found 11445 times]
Starr Cattle Company
   Hayden, Idaho   [found 9379 times]
Star Lake Cattle Company, Inc
   Georges Mills, New Hampshire   [found 29911 times]
Star Creek Ranch
   Somerville, Texas   [found 21305 times]
SS Backwards Longhorns
   Medora, Illinois   [found 14801 times]
SR American Blue Cattle
   Haworth, Oklahoma   [found 10285 times]
Square B Ranch Cattle Co.
   Warsaw, Missouri   [found 10266 times]
Spring Coyote Ranch
   Marshall, California   [found 11844 times]
Split Ear Ranch
   Loup City, Nebraska   [found 26941 times]
Split Diamond Ranch
   Whitehall, Montana   [found 36129 times]
Spika Design and Manufacturing
   Lewistown, Montana   [found 111119 times]
Sparks Cattle Ranch
   Holly Springs, Mississippi   [found 10507 times]
Spader Ranch
   Rosendale, Missouri   [found 13304 times]
Southview Station
   Athens, Pennsylvania   [found 11978 times]
Southern Cattle Company
   Marianna, Florida   [found 11534 times]
Southeast Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Assn.
   Jackson, Missouri   [found 31253 times]
South Poll Grass Cattle Association
   Fort Payne, Alabama   [found 30599 times]
Snyder Livestock Company, Inc.
   Yerington, Nevada   [found 30195 times]
Snyder Animal Clinic
   Snyder, Oklahoma    580-569-2323   [found 24411 times]
Snowy Hill Cattle Farm
   Beaver City, Nebraska   [found 34467 times]
Snowshoe Cattle Co
   Pompeys Pillar, Montana   [found 11079 times]
Smith Angus Ranch
   Basset, Nebraska   [found 39915 times]
Sled Runner Cattle
   Big Piney, Wyoming   [found 10576 times]
Slagel Family Farm
   Fairbury, Illinois   [found 18944 times]
Skinner Cattle Company
   Bryan, Texas   [found 11675 times]
Six Buck Ranch
   Roberts, Montana   [found 12833 times]
Sitz Angus Ranch
   Harrison, Montana   [found 40672 times]
Sinclair Cattle Co.
   Buffalo, Wyoming   [found 24828 times]
Simon's Cattle Co
   Farley, Iowa   [found 13342 times]
Simmons Cattle Company
   Tishomingo, Oklahoma   [found 11901 times]
Simmermon Farms
   Lapel, Indiana   [found 18464 times]
Silver Towne Farms
   Winchester, Indiana   [found 27440 times]
Silveira Bros.
   Madera, California   [found 23786 times]
Sidney Livestock Market Center
   Sidney, Montana   [found 33890 times]
Shockley Ranch
   Poteau, Oklahoma   [found 4230 times]
Shoal Creek Land and Cattle
   Excelsior Springs, Missouri   [found 11672 times]
Shieldknight Land and Cattle
   Spearman, Texas   [found 11836 times]
Sherwood Cattle Company
   Magnolia, Minnesota   [found 36763 times]
Sheridan Livestock Auction
   Rushville, Nebraska   [found 42287 times]
Shelby Cattle Company
   Ethridg, Tennessee   [found 11370 times]
Shearer's Cow Creek Ranch
   Wall , South Dakota   [found 38202 times]
Shearer Ranch
   Wall, South Dakota   [found 46807 times]
Shaw Cattle Company
   Caldwell, Idaho   [found 10999 times]
Sharp Land and Cattle
   Healy, Kansas   [found 12583 times]
Shannon Creek Quarter Horses
   Olsburg, Kansas   [found 14928 times]
Shady Meadow Farm
   Cat Spring, Texas   [found 10828 times]
Senepol Cattle Breeders Association
   Wilmington, North Carolina   [found 31343 times]
Sellman Ranch
   Crawford, Nebraska   [found 176331 times]
Sellers Feedlot, Inc.
   Lyons, Kansas   [found 38132 times]
Select Sires, Inc
   Plain City, Ohio   [found 30224 times]
SEK Genetics
   Galesburg, Kansas   [found 28743 times]
Sedgewood Plantation
   Canton, Mississippi   [found 11502 times]
Schurrtop Angus & Charolais
   Farnam, Nebraska   [found 40306 times]
Schumacher Cattle, LLC
   Era, Texas   [found 12955 times]
Schuler Red Angus
   Bridgeport, Nebraska   [found 108996 times]
Schuhmacher Ranch, Inc.
   Chadron, Nebraska   [found 34576 times]
Schuette Land and Cattle Co, Inc
   Highmore, South Dakota   [found 10775 times]
Schneider Cattle Company
   Stuart, Iowa   [found 10878 times]
Schleich Cattle
   Monmouth, Illinois   [found 12850 times]
Schimke Ranch Performance Horses
   Wessington Springs, South Dakota   [found 56179 times]
Schawang Cattle Co.
   David City, Nebraska   [found 153609 times]
SC Longhorns
   Spring Creek, Nevada   [found 16138 times]
Sawyer Angus Farm
   Falkville, Alabama   [found 29317 times]
Sawblade Ranch
   Chico, Texas   [found 36174 times]
Sauk Valley Angus
   Rock Falls, Illinois   [found 11917 times]
Satterfield Ranch
   Palestine, Texas   [found 12106 times]
Sankey's 6N Ranch
   Council Grove, Kansas   [found 28465 times]
Sandpoint Cattle Compay, LLC
   Lodgepole, Nebraska   [found 10676 times]
Sandmeier Charolais
   Bowdle, South Dakota   [found 35120 times]
Sandhills Ranch Expo
   Bassett, Nebraska   [found 26627 times]
Sandhills Cattle Association
   Valentine, Nebraska   [found 32847 times]
Sandhill Red Angus
   Froid, Montana   [found 11443 times]
Sand Hills Ranch
   Mansfield, Louisiana   [found 17568 times]
Sand Dollar Ranch
   Jacksboro, Texas   [found 11885 times]
Sand Creek Longhorn Ranch
   Elk City, Oklahoma   [found 16481 times]
Samson, Inc.
   Columbus, Nebraska   [found 27310 times]
Salinas Ranch
   Carmine, Texas   [found 11366 times]
Saint Jo Land and Cattle
   Saint Jo, Texas   [found 24868 times]
Safari B Ranch
   Elk City, Oklahoma   [found 17815 times]
Sackmann Cattle
   Warden, Washington   [found 10319 times]
S Diamond Angus
   Henderson, Nebraska   [found 45545 times]
S and S Cattle
   Taylor, Texas   [found 13734 times]
Running N Longhorns
   Fruitland, Idaho   [found 12857 times]
Running Arrow Longhorns
   Wellington, Texas   [found 17911 times]
Ruby Cattle Company
   Livingston, Texas   [found 11045 times]
Rouse Red Angus
   Huxley, Iowa   [found 11897 times]
Roth Hereford Farm
   Windsor, Missouri   [found 10306 times]
Roseda Black Angus
   Monkton, Maryland   [found 13186 times]
Rogers Cattle Company
   Strafford, Missouri   [found 11564 times]
Rogers Bar HR
   Collins, Mississippi   [found 29392 times]
Rocky Mountain Longhorns
   Castle Rock, Colorado   [found 12494 times]
Rocking P Livestock
   Maysville, Kentucky   [found 97447 times]
Rocking O Longhorns
   Austin, Texas   [found 11124 times]
Rocking M Cattle Company
   Wallowa, Oregon   [found 12427 times]
Rocking B Longhorns
   Baton Rouge, Louisiana   [found 14305 times]
Rocking B Cattle
   Wiggins, Mississippi   [found 10055 times]
Rocking A Santa Gertrudis
   Brenham, Texas   [found 5269 times]
Rockin' J Longhorns
   Downs, Kansas   [found 14486 times]
Rockin' AF Ranch
   Elgin, Texas   [found 11054 times]
Rockin I Longhorn Ranch
   Bergheim, Texas   [found 12870 times]
Rockin 2 Ranch, LLC
   Baker City, Oregon   [found 12319 times]
Rock Ridge Herefords
   Lawrenceburg, Kentucky   [found 15182 times]
Rock Creek Braunvieh
   Fairbury, Nebraska   [found 11403 times]
Roch Hill Cattle Company
   Norlina, North Carolina   [found 10530 times]
Roberts Angus Farm
   Scottsboro, Alabama   [found 31798 times]
Robert E. Lee Ranch Company
   Judith Gap, Montana   [found 29463 times]
RKJ Longhorns
   Peculiar, Montana   [found 17491 times]
Riverbend Ranch
   Idaho Falls, Idaho   [found 32613 times]
River Valley Farm
   Tremont, Illinois   [found 11842 times]
River Taw Farms
   Cherryville, North Carolina   [found 44957 times]
River Creek Farms
   Manhattan, Kansas   [found 29516 times]
Ritscher Family Farm
   Alma, Wisconsin   [found 14880 times]
Riske Ranch
   Lampasas, Texas   [found 10628 times]
Rippe Gelbvieh
   Hubbell, Nebraska   [found 29193 times]
Reyer Farms
   Lena, Mississippi   [found 9508 times]
Reserve Cattle Company
   Garden City, Missouri   [found 12163 times]
Reich Angus
   Zap, North Dakota   [found 37099 times]
Rees Brothers Herefords
   Morgan, Utah   [found 11043 times]
Reed Enterprises Midwest Cattle Services
   Green Ridge, Missouri   [found 10306 times]
Redland Red Angus
   Hysham, Montana   [found 11910 times]
Red Ink Ranch
   Peyton, Colorado   [found 34341 times]
Red Brangus Cattle
   Victoria, Texas   [found 12214 times]
Red Angus Association of America
   Commerce City, Colorado   [found 30303 times]
   Roff, Oklahoma   [found 10178 times]
RB Angus and Show Cattle
   Albion, Nebraska   [found 10948 times]
Ravenscroft Red Angus
   Nenzel, Nebraska   [found 13858 times]
Ratliff 3R Bar Ranch
   Washington, Oklahoma   [found 12424 times]
Ranger Cattle
   Austin, Texas   [found 2200 times]
RANGE Magazine
   Carson City, Nevada   [found 52414 times]
Raney Cattle Sales
   Lakeland, Florida   [found 11433 times]
Ranchers Livestock Equipment
   Gregory, South Dakota   [found 44957 times]
Rancher's Resource
   Harper, Texas   [found 13404 times]
Ranch-Way Feeds
   Ft. Collins, Colorado   [found 49951 times]
Ranch Management Software
   Aurora, Colorado   [found 35790 times]
Rafter C Cattle
   Sayre, Oklahoma   [found 11446 times]
Rafter 2 Ranch
   Whitsett, Texas   [found 1758 times]
RAE Show Cattle
   Toms Brook, Virginia   [found 11607 times]
R3 Hilltop Ranch
   Chilton, Texas   [found 11000 times]
R & R Cattle Enterprises LLC
   Keithville, Louisiana   [found 12621 times]
Quail Pass Genetics
   Billings, Missouri   [found 11922 times]
Purple Reign Cattle Company
   Toulon, Illinois   [found 34658 times]
Purebred Dairy Cattle Association
   Madison, Wisconsin   [found 10265 times]
Pruitt's Mid-State Stockyard, LLC
   Damascus, Arkansas   [found 13082 times]
Proven Sires Services
   Hays, Kansas   [found 31270 times]
Premier Longhorns LLC
   Stillwater, Oklahoma   [found 13436 times]
Prairie Hills Gelbvieh
   Gladstone, North Dakota   [found 13619 times]
Powder River
   Provo, Utah   [found 38021 times]
Potts Show Cattle
   Wichita Falls, Texas   [found 27940 times]
Potter's Emmett Valley Ranch
   Emmett, Idaho   [found 12910 times]
Pope Farms
   Ravenna, Nebraska   [found 45456 times]
Pool Ranch
   Laneville, Texas   [found 12508 times]
Pollard Farms
   Enid, Oklahoma   [found 33017 times]
Pochop Farm and Ranch Angus
   Atwood, Kansas   [found 43971 times]
Platte Valley Livestock Inc.
   Gering, Nebraska    (308) 436-2192

Welcome To Platte Valley Livestock: Gering Nebraska Livestock Market. Sales every Monday selling all classes of livestock feeder cattle as advertised.   [found 132295 times]
Platte Valley Ag Products
   Mitchell, Nebraska    (308) 623-1069

Platte Valley Ag Products is a family owned feed mill capable of taking high quality alfalfa hay and turning into an all natural pelletized feed.   [found 52375 times]
Platte Livestock Market
   Platte, South Dakota   [found 32914 times]
Pink Genetics Caves Farms
   Douds, Iowa   [found 14177 times]
Pinetree Longhorns
   Elkhart, Texas   [found 11455 times]
Pierce Angus Farms
   Hancock, Iowa   [found 12340 times]
Phillips Cattle Company
   Imperial, California   [found 11146 times]
Pharo Cattle Co. (free listing refused by customer)
   Cheyenne Wells, Colorado   [found 15788 times]
Peterson Grain and Cattle
   Havre, Montana   [found 11695 times]
Perry Show Cattle
   Stillwater, Oklahoma   [found 7177 times]
Perez Cattle Co
   Nara Visa, New Mexico   [found 24258 times]
Pendleton Ranch
   Gainesville, Texas   [found 15475 times]
Pembrook Cattle Company
   Fairview , Oklahoma   [found 7930 times]
Pella Farms, Inc
   Hickman, Nebraska   [found 28330 times]
Pearson Livestock Equipment
   Vernon, Texas   [found 39800 times]
Peacock Red Angus Ranch
   Covington, Texas   [found 11362 times]
PAYS Public Auction Yards
   Billings, Montana   [found 26491 times]
Parkinson Quarter Horses
   Kirkland, Arizona   [found 24500 times]
Parkinson Cattle Company
   Levelland, Texas   [found 13241 times]
Parker Ranch
   Waurika, Oklahoma   [found 29955 times]
Parker Cattle
   Marshall, Texas   [found 11725 times]
Paint Rock Angus
   Hyattville, Wyoming   [found 33143 times]
P Bar A Angus
   Albuquerque, New Mexico   [found 10836 times]
Outfront Cattle Service
   College Station, Texas   [found 31211 times]
Our Heritage Guest Ranch
   Crawford, Nebraska   [found 139049 times]
Orvis Cattle Company
   Farmington, California   [found 10354 times]
Orrell Herefords Ranch
   Hobart, Oklahoma   [found 28805 times]
Oregon Cattlewomen
   Bonanza, Oregon   [found 1522 times]
Open Gate Ranch
   Fairfield, Montana   [found 46018 times]
Open A Bar 2 Ranch
   Lyman, Nebraska   [found 149375 times]
One Lazy J - Johnson Ranch
   Whitney, Nebraska   [found 46733 times]
Omega Farms
   Senoia, Georgia   [found 13983 times]
OLS Tubs
   Burlington, Colorado   [found 37972 times]
Oleen Cattle Company
   Falun, Kansas   [found 10508 times]
Old Gjerpen Farm
   Culpeper, Virginia   [found 10749 times]
Oklahoma National Stockyards Company
   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   [found 30493 times]
Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association
   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   [found 38193 times]
OKC West Livestock Market, LLC
   El Reno, Oklahoma   [found 36216 times]
Ohlde Cattle
   Palmer, Kansas   [found 30595 times]
Oh Be Joyful Farm
   Haskell, Oklahoma   [found 10217 times]
Ogilvie Cattle Company LLC
   Benson, Arizona   [found 23112 times]
Ogden Cattle
   Lockwood, Missouri   [found 10212 times]
Oakes Farms
   Pikeville , Tennessee   [found 10648 times]
Oak Row Angus Cattle
   Ionia, Michigan   [found 10436 times]
NutriDrench by BoviDr Laboratories Inc
   SCOTTSBLUFF, Nebraska    1-800-658-4016

Nutri-Drench incorporates remarkable advances in restoring the immune system faster than ever before possible.   [found 56603 times]
NP Shorthorns
   McKinney, Texas   [found 11121 times]
North Dakota Stockmens Association
   Bismarck, North Dakota   [found 28331 times]
North Dakota State Agriculture
   Dickinson, North Dakota   [found 31427 times]
North Carolina Hereford Association
   Lawndale, North Carolina   [found 11101 times]
North Carolina Angus Association
   Roxboro, North Carolina   [found 29184 times]
North American Normande Association
   Rewey, Wisconsin   [found 29732 times]
North American Limousin Foundation
   Englewood, Colorado   [found 34354 times]
North American Corriente Association
   Chamberlain, South Dakota   [found 29451 times]
Non-GMO Home Grown Beef
   Lone Wolf, Oklahoma   [found 14612 times]
Nolles Cattle Company
   Bassett, Nebraska   [found 26099 times]
No-Bull Enterprises
   Saint Francis , Kansas   [found 147282 times]
Nix Farms
   Tolar, Texas   [found 14567 times]
Nimmer Twin Oaks Farms
   Rockton, Illinois   [found 16900 times]
Nile Valley Saddlery
   Mitchell, Nebraska   [found 45812 times]
Next Step Cattle Co
   Livingston, Alabama   [found 13138 times]
New Penn Farm
   Truxton, New York   [found 14817 times]
New Mexico Cattle Grower's Association
   Albuquerque, New Mexico   [found 32331 times]
Nelson Herefords
   Burwell, Nebraska   [found 10855 times]
Nel-Tam Longhorns
   Richland, Pennsylvania   [found 15805 times]
Nebraska Texas Longhorn Association
   Roca, Nebraska   [found 13192 times]
Nebraska Land and Cattle Agency, Inc.
   Johnson Lake, Nebraska   [found 32562 times]
Nebraska Farmer Magazine
   Lincoln, Nebraska   [found 53052 times]
Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic
   Kearney, Nebraska   [found 28069 times]
Nebraska Cattlemen
   Lincoln, Nebraska   [found 33187 times]
Navorra Hills Ranch
   Rice, Texas   [found 12310 times]
National Western Stock Show
   Denver, Colorado   [found 38995 times]
National Cattleman's Beef Association
   Centennial, Colorado   [found 28760 times]
National Cattledog Association
   Nogales, Arizona   [found 32127 times]
National BueLingo Beef Cattle Society
   Warren, Illinois   [found 27055 times]
Nagel Cattle Company
   Springfield, South Dakota   [found 29595 times]
Mystic Hill Farms
   Culpeper, Virginia   [found 14276 times]
MW Cattle Ranch
   Clayton, Texas   [found 10355 times]
Musgrave Angus
   ,   [found 9513 times]
Murphy's Angus
   Illiopolis, Illinois   [found 13057 times]
Murphy Cattle Company
   Houstonia, Missouri   [found 9990 times]
Mrnak Herefords
   Bowman, North Dakota   [found 28487 times]
Mountains and Plains Texas Longhorn Association
   Greeley, Colorado   [found 41683 times]
Mountain Top Angus
   Marlinton , West Virginia   [found 10937 times]
Mountain Diamond Longhorns
   Tunnelton, West Virginia   [found 11426 times]
Mound Creek Ranch
   Leona, Texas   [found 4604 times]
Moss Longhorns
   Hico, Texas   [found 11038 times]
Morris Box Ranch
   Justin, Texas   [found 12330 times]
Morgan Ranch Show Cattle
   Burwell, Nebraska   [found 10888 times]
Morgan Livestock Equipment Sales, Inc.
   Bowie, Texas   [found 44511 times]
Moose Willow Longhorn Ranch
   Roberts , Montana   [found 16053 times]
Moore Farms Feed and Hay
   Pryor, Oklahoma   [found 35432 times]
Montana Red Angus Association
   Three Forks, Montana   [found 33455 times]
Montana Livestock Auction
   Ramsay, Montana   [found 33982 times]
Montana Cattlewomen
   Helena, Montana   [found 11328 times]
Montana Cattlemen's Association
   Vaughn, Montana   [found 33120 times]
Montana Angus Association
   Whitlash, Montana   [found 38229 times]
Moly Mfg., Inc.
   Lorraine, Kansas   [found 51582 times]
Mohnen Angus
   White Lake, South Dakota   [found 31382 times]
MNP Farm
   Fair Grove, Missouri   [found 9841 times]
MMR Longhorns
   Grandview, Texas   [found 11216 times]
ML Cattle
   Dalhart, Texas   [found 11859 times]
Missouri Hereford Association
   Huntsville, Missouri   [found 10446 times]
Missouri Cattlemen's Association
   Columbia, Missouri   [found 9507 times]
Minnis Family Cattle
   Paris, Illinois   [found 9839 times]
Miller Simmental
   Gildford, Montana   [found 33696 times]
Miller Livestock
   Forrest, Illinois   [found 10322 times]
Miller Gelbvieh
   Strawberry, Arkansas   [found 10448 times]
Miller Cattle Company
   Silver Creek, Nebraska   [found 33525 times]
Mill Iron Diamond Cattle Company
   Levelland, Texas   [found 11951 times]
Mill Brae Ranch LLC
   Maple Hill, Kansas   [found 13056 times]
Mike Sitz Angus Ranch
   Burwell, Nebraska   [found 48789 times]
Might As Well Ranch
   Pacific, Missouri   [found 19242 times]
Middlecreek Farms
   Rockwood, Pennsylvania   [found 13054 times]
Mid South Cattle Company
   Saint Francisville, Louisiana   [found 4591 times]
Mid Continent Farms
   Washington, Kansas   [found 84951 times]
Michigan Cattlemen Association
   Okemos, Michigan   [found 47804 times]
Meyer Cattle Company
   Curryville, Missouri   [found 9954 times]
Menno Livestock
   Menno, South Dakota   [found 18247 times]
Meitler Cattle Company
   Lucas, Kansas   [found 9658 times]
Meitler Cattle
   Lucas, Kansas   [found 11263 times]
McPhail Land & Cattle
   Mountain Park, Oklahoma   [found 23928 times]
McLean Beef Inc
   Benedict, Nebraska   [found 31131 times]
McGuire Land & Cattle
   Perry, Oklahoma   [found 14753 times]
McEntire Red Angus
   Sweetwater, Oklahoma   [found 11183 times]
McBee Cattle Company
   Fayette, Missouri   [found 11614 times]
MC2 Mortenson Cattle
   Catlett, Virginia   [found 9578 times]
Mayo Club Lambs
   Live Oak, California   [found 10424 times]
Mayer Ranch
   Guymon, Oklahoma   [found 9565 times]
Maude Hogs
   Caputa, South Dakota   [found 12786 times]
Massey Land and Cattle
   Cabool, Missouri   [found 10116 times]
Martin Cattle Company
   Judsonia, Arkansas   [found 10507 times]
Martens Angus Farms
   Bellevue, Iowa   [found 13814 times]
Marshall Cattle Company
   Burlington, Colorado   [found 13058 times]
Marshall and Fenner Farms
   Malta Bend, Missouri   [found 11573 times]
Marker Ag
   Scottsbluff, Nebraska    (308) 633-1057   [found 99215 times]
Marcy Cattle Co.
   Hay Springs, Nebraska   [found 28871 times]
Maples Stock Farm
   Elkmont, Alabama   [found 29318 times]
Maplecrest Farms
   Hillsboro, Ohio   [found 10110 times]
Maple Oaks Red Angus
   Wildwood, Missouri   [found 10854 times]
Manzano Angus
   Estancia, New Mexico   [found 11558 times]
Maine Anjou Association
   Platte City, Missouri   [found 34900 times]
Magnum Feedyard LLC
   Wiggins, Colorado   [found 36913 times]
Magness Land and Cattle
   Ft. Lupton, Colorado   [found 31572 times]
Maddux Cattle Company
   Wauneta, Nebraska   [found 2762 times]
M6 Charolais
   Alvarado, Texas   [found 31613 times]
M Lazy Heart Ranch, LLC
   Torrington, Wyoming   [found 147592 times]
Ludvigson Stock Farms
   Cushing, Iowa   [found 13302 times]
Luddington Cattle
   Freedom, Oklahoma   [found 9455 times]
Lucky Strike Show Cattle
   Stillwater, Oklahoma   [found 7893 times]
Lucky Falling Star Ranch
   West Plains, Missouri   [found 21858 times]
Lowcatelli Ranch
   Cheyenne, Oklahoma   [found 9743 times]
Lovell Grassfed Cattle Co.
   New Windsor, Maryland   [found 11724 times]
Loup City Commission Company
   Loup City, Nebraska   [found 31497 times]
Lost Prairie Farm
   Marion, Montana   [found 16028 times]
Los Pinos Cattle
   Hempstead, Texas   [found 4105 times]
Loonan Stock Farm
   Corning , Iowa   [found 14406 times]
Longhorn Creek Ranch
   Holton, Kansas   [found 17653 times]
Lonetree Ranch
   Sturgis, South Dakota   [found 35098 times]
Lonesome Pines Ranch
   Smithville, Texas   [found 14784 times]
Lone Star Longhorns
   Tyler, Texas   [found 9706 times]
Lone Star Cattle Company
   Pittsburg, Texas   [found 12628 times]
Lone Star Angus
   Gainesville, Texas   [found 28395 times]
Lone Mountain Cattle Co
   Golden, New Mexico   [found 12669 times]
Lone Creek Cattle
   Broken Bow, Nebraska   [found 40344 times]
Logging Camp Ranch
   Bowman, North Dakota   [found 32328 times]
Lockhart Cattle Co
   Jackson, Wyoming   [found 20969 times]
Little Bears Farm
   ,   [found 11808 times]
Linder Show Feeds
   Comfort, Texas   [found 14285 times]
Liberty Longhorn Ranch
   Greenville, Texas   [found 12406 times]
Liberty Lanes Ranch
   Santa Anna, Texas   [found 12351 times]
Lewis Cattle Oilers
   Bryan, Texas   [found 44304 times]
Lemenager Cattle
   Hudson, Illinois   [found 9204 times]
Leis Creek Cattle Co.
   Clinton, Arkansas   [found 11619 times]
Lee's Cattle Company
   Brush, Colorado   [found 36319 times]
Leah White Farms
   Charlotte, Michigan   [found 9887 times]
Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado
   Fort Collins, Colorado   [found 38096 times]
Leachman Angus Ranch
   Toston, Montana   [found 40220 times]
   Bowman, North Dakota   [found 55533 times]
Lazy JH Ranch
   Fort Worth, Texas   [found 11897 times]
Lazy G Ranch
   Vale, Oregon   [found 2580 times]
Lawman Ranch
   Okmullgee, Oklahoma   [found 4361 times]
Lassle Ranch Simmentals
   Glendive, Montana   [found 32009 times]
Lasater Ranch
   Matheson, Colorado   [found 27906 times]
Larson XL Simmental
   Lemmon, South Dakota   [found 31668 times]
Larson Metal Inc.
   Stromsburg, Nebraska   [found 33924 times]
Larson Angus Farms
   Sioux Rapids, Iowa   [found 13527 times]
Larrick Farms
   Shelbina, Missouri   [found 11093 times]
Larges Protein Wagons
   Imperial, Nebraska    (308) 882-6675   [found 33206 times]
Larges Breeding Barns
   Imperial, Nebraska    308-882-6675

These are excellent units and work equally well for artificial insemination, embryo transfer and pregnancy testing either manually or with ultrasound.   [found 132409 times]
Langford Hereford Cattle
   Okmulgee, Oklahoma   [found 7630 times]
LakeView Farms Registered Angus Cattle
   Powhatan, Arkansas   [found 33465 times]
Lakeside Livestock Equipment
   Battle Creek, Nebraska   [found 36057 times]
LaGrand Angus & Hereford Ranch
   Freeman, South Dakota   [found 37626 times]
Lacy's Red Angus
   Drexel, Missouri   [found 10515 times]
Lacopa Ranch
   Rockdale, Texas   [found 12864 times]
La Muneca Cattle
   Edinburg, Texas   [found 9620 times]
L2 Ranch
   Branford, Florida   [found 9671 times]
L Bar L Angus
   Wallace, Nebraska   [found 104256 times]
KW Cattle
   Fort Scott, Kansas   [found 2262 times]
Kuykendall Ranch
   ,   [found 10881 times]
Kuhn's Red Angus
   Napoleon, North Dakota   [found 23244 times]
Kuempel Wagyu LLC
   Pampa, Texas   [found 13261 times]
KSIR - 1010 AM
   Ft. Morgan, Colorado    970 867-7271

Flagship station of the Harvest USA Network   [found 130216 times]
Krueger Club Calves
   Wessington Springs, South Dakota   [found 29840 times]
Krogstad Polled Herefords
   Fertile, Minnesota   [found 9530 times]
Krebs Ranch
   Gordon, Nebraska   [found 33506 times]
Krazy K Longhorns
   Hallettsville, Texas   [found 10948 times]
Kramer Angus
   Farina, Illinois   [found 13115 times]
Koester Red Angus
   Steele, North Dakota   [found 11067 times]
Koehn Livestock Equipment
   Watertown, South Dakota   [found 28596 times]
Kody Miller Cattle Company
   Bruce, South Dakota   [found 10107 times]
Knezek Simmental
   Yoakum, Texas   [found 13870 times]
Knee Deep Cattle Company
   Eugene , Oregon   [found 10403 times]
KM Cattle Company
   Coon Rapids, Iowa   [found 2626 times]
Kittle Farms, LLC
   Geraldine, Alabama   [found 11148 times]
King Land and Cattle LLC
   Ashland, Alabama   [found 10436 times]
Kicking Horse Ranch
   Oilmont, Montana   [found 31009 times]
KGB Cattle Company
   Bellville, Texas   [found 14166 times]
Kentucky Cattlemens Beef
   Lexington, Kentucky   [found 9817 times]
Kentucky Cattlemen's Association
   Lexington, Kentucky   [found 32768 times]
Kempfer Cattle Company
   Saint Cloud, Florida   [found 10031 times]
KDK Longhorns
   Austin, Texas   [found 11319 times]
   Chadron, Nebraska    308 432-5545   [found 46004 times]
Katie Farms
   Coker, Alabama   [found 10248 times]
Kansas Livestock Association
   Topeka, Kansas   [found 29972 times]
Kansas Hereford Association
   Herington, Kansas   [found 51145 times]
Kansas Gelbvieh Association
   Smith Center, Kansas   [found 14021 times]
Kansas Cattlemen's Association
   Junction City, Kansas   [found 28238 times]
Kading Angus
   Casey, Iowa   [found 11554 times]
K9 BrandD Cattle Co
   Wimberley, Texas   [found 12169 times]
K4 Cattle Company
   Hereford, Texas   [found 35207 times]
K Bar K Cattle
   Litchfield, Minnesota   [found 4762 times]
JW Brahmans
   Bryan, Texas   [found 13606 times]
Judd Ranch
   Pomona, Kansas   [found 36063 times]
Jud Little Ranch
   Springer, Oklahoma   [found 7995 times]
Jorgensen Land and Cattle
   Ideal, South Dakota   [found 36639 times]
Jordan Cattle Auction
   San Saba, Texas   [found 23420 times]
Jonesarosa Brangus
   Fairview, Texas   [found 12479 times]
Johnson Show Cattle
   Maquoketa, Iowa   [found 11379 times]
Johnson Cattle Marketing
   Wortham, Texas   [found 11369 times]
Jocko Valley Cattle
   Arlee, Montana   [found 10240 times]
JMF Herefords and SimAngus
   Holloway, Minnesota   [found 10696 times]
JM Cattle Company
   Lawrenceburg, Tennessee   [found 11037 times]
JH Polled Humpback Cattle Company
   Marietta, Texas   [found 10396 times]
Jerry Kippling and Sons, LLC
   Gann Valley, South Dakota   [found 10644 times]
Jerry Bright Angus
   Versailles, Kentucky   [found 10556 times]
Jeffries Land & Cattle
   Checotah, Oklahoma   [found 34405 times]
JC Cattle Company
   Dwigh, Kansas   [found 12422 times]
James Creek Simmental
   Heaton, North Dakota   [found 40199 times]
J&C Longhorns
   Grapevine, Texas   [found 11927 times]
J Bar Stenberg Ranch
   St. Ignatius, Montana   [found 15271 times]
J Bar Braunvieh
   Hedley, Texas   [found 12274 times]
J and N Ranch, LLC.
   Leavenworth, Kansas   [found 37779 times]
J and J Cattle LLC
   Orlando, Oklahoma   [found 7241 times]
J & J Cattle Co, LLC
   Orlando, Oklahoma   [found 39539 times]
I’m A Tellin’ U Longhorns
   ,   [found 10554 times]
Irwin Cattle LLC
   Dixon, California   [found 4628 times]
Irwin Cattle
   Dixon, California   [found 11116 times]
Irsik and Doll Feed Services
   Cimarron, Kansas   [found 29422 times]
Ipsen Cattle Company
   Dingle, Idaho   [found 9959 times]
International Red Brangus Breeders Association
   Katy, Texas   [found 40303 times]
Independent Cattlemen's Association of Texas
   Lockhart, Texas   [found 28937 times]
Imperial Wagyu Beef
   Omaha, Nebraska   [found 13453 times]
Idaho Cattle Association
   Boise, Idaho   [found 30805 times]
I-40 Livestock Auction (free listing refused by customer)
   Ozark, Arkansas   [found 15439 times]
Huss Livestock Market, LLC
   Kearney, Nebraska   [found 27144 times]
Huso and Sons Herefords
   Aneta, North Dakota   [found 10155 times]
Humpin H Ranch
   Palestine, Texas   [found 12193 times]
Hueftle Cattle Company
   Cozad, Nebraska   [found 12455 times]
Hudec Cattle
   Weimar, Texas   [found 10843 times]
Hoxie Feedyard Inc. /
   Hoxie, Kansas   [found 43057 times]
Howell Ranch
   Dublin, Texas   [found 11960 times]
Hotz Farms
   Lone Tree, Iowa   [found 12161 times]
Horseshoe Angus Ranch
   Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas   [found 31911 times]
Horsemans Corner
   Minatare, Nebraska    308-783-2150

Howard Hale interviews people involved in the world of horses   [found 218179 times]
Horsegate Ranch
   Hempstead, Texas   [found 12264 times]
Hord Livestock
   Bucyrus, Ohio   [found 12114 times]
Hope Creek Cattle
   Morrison, Missouri   [found 13543 times]
Holy Cow Ranch
   Rapid City, South Dakota   [found 12045 times]
Holden Herefords
   Valier, Montana   [found 41136 times]
Hoffman Cattle Company
   Thedford, Nebraska   [found 38943 times]
Hodges Longhorns
   Big Timber, Montana   [found 11654 times]
HK Cattle
   Rosharon, Texas   [found 9468 times]
Hit-n-Miss Farm
   Crossville, Tennessee   [found 11681 times]
Hinman Angus
   Malta, Montana   [found 42259 times]
Hinkson Angus
   Cottonwood Falls, Kansas   [found 29735 times]
Hill Cattle Company
   Louisburg, Kansas   [found 14564 times]
Highland Hills Farm
   Glencoe, Kentucky   [found 9483 times]
High Point Cattle
   Osceola, Iowa   [found 11401 times]
High Plains Cattle Supply of Platteville
   Platteville, Colorado   [found 39727 times]
High Plains Cattle Supply of Brush, Colorado
   Brush, Colorado   [found 12382 times]
Hicks Cattle Company
   Alto, Texas   [found 24576 times]
Hickory Creek Dexter Cattle
   El Dorado, Kansas   [found 8963 times]
Hermosa Cattle Company
   Fayetteville, Arkansas   [found 26734 times]
Heritage Cattle Company
   Hungerford, Texas   [found 10589 times]
Heritage Beef, LLC
   Sublette, Kansas   [found 25635 times]
Hereford America Newspaper
   Reva, South Dakota   [found 93505 times]
Helm Cattle Company
   Ferris, Texas   [found 14250 times]
Heim Cattle Company
   St. Charles, Minnesota   [found 10343 times]
Hebbert Charolais
   Hyannis, Nebraska   [found 150149 times]
Heartland Highland Cattle Association
   Tunas, Missouri   [found 9570 times]
Heartland Cattle Company
   McCook, Nebraska   [found 37429 times]
Heart and Soul Horse Co.
   Sallisaw, Oklahoma   [found 13198 times]
HD Dunn and Son Angus Ranch
   Tetonia, Idaho   [found 49363 times]
Haythorne Land & Cattle Co.
   Arthur, Nebraska   [found 58811 times]
Haynes Cattle Company
   Holyoke, Colorado   [found 12648 times]
Hat Ranch
   Coon Rapids, Iowa   [found 11460 times]
Hartman Cattle Company
   Tecumseh, Nebraska   [found 36403 times]
Harrison Cattle Company
   Arapaho, Oklahoma   [found 4504 times]
Harrer's Lost Lake Ranch
   Great Falls, Montana   [found 10152 times]
Harmon Show Cattle
   Tekamah, Nebraska   [found 33156 times]
Handel Marketing LLC
   Rapid City, South Dakota    (605) 399-9278

We deal in any breed but specialize in Herefords. If you're looking to buy or sell, contact Art.   [found 137008 times]
Hamilton Commission Company
   Hamilton, Texas   [found 10200 times]
Hall Coyote Hills Ranch
   Chattnooga, Oklahoma   [found 11731 times]
Halfmann Red Angus
   Miles, Texas   [found 31445 times]
Hales Angus Farms
   Canyon, Texas   [found 31270 times]
Hale Broadcasting
   Minatare, Nebraska   [found 198120 times]
Hairy Cow Farm
   Crane, Missouri   [found 11024 times]
Hagan Cattle
   Yoakum, Texas   [found 12666 times]
Haden Farms
   Lowell, Indiana   [found 36365 times]
Haas Livestock
   Cannon Falls, Minnesota   [found 13537 times]
H and M Cattle
   Wharton, Texas   [found 9714 times]
Gustin's Diamond D Gelbvieh
   Mandan, North Dakota   [found 31570 times]
Grubbs Simmentals
   Arlington, Texas   [found 29646 times]
Grubbs Cattle
   Arlington, Texas   [found 12757 times]
Grove Cattle Company LLC
   Bailey, North Carolina   [found 12180 times]
Griswold Cattle
   Stillwater, Oklahoma   [found 7058 times]
Grimmel Girls Show Cattle
   Jarrettsville, Maryland   [found 11343 times]
Grill Cattle Company
   Edgemont, South Dakota   [found 11704 times]
Griffitts Show Cattle
   Anadarko, Oklahoma   [found 13088 times]
Green Valley Cattle
   Atkinson, Nebraska   [found 12325 times]
Green Mountain Red Angus
   Three Forks, Montana   [found 31942 times]
Great Northern Land and Cattle Co., Inc
   Fond du Lac, Wisconsin   [found 11510 times]
Graystone Cattle Company
   Stockport, Iowa   [found 15324 times]
Grays Angus Ranch
   Harrison, Nebraska    (308) 668-2525

120 years of time tested genetics are found in Grays Angus Ranch Seedstock. Join us for our 2nd Century Performance Bull Sale.   [found 130337 times]
Grand Bayou Farms
   Dubach, Louisiana   [found 13821 times]
Gottsch Cattle Company
   Elkhorn, Nebraska   [found 7038 times]
Gonzales Livestock Market, Inc.
   Gonzales, Texas   [found 23133 times]
Golden Bear Farm
   Kiel, Wisconsin   [found 14046 times]
Gold Buckle Cattle Services
   Salem, Illinois   [found 9444 times]
GMA Angus Ranch, LLC
   Merced, California   [found 31140 times]
Gleue Show Cattle
   LeRoy, Kansas   [found 34355 times]
Gleann Brook Acres
   Hoover, Alabama   [found 11595 times]
GKB Cattle
   Waxahachie, Texas   [found 12917 times]
Gillespie Show Cattle
   Ethridge, Montana   [found 33959 times]
Gerloff Farms
   Bland, Missouri   [found 11728 times]
Gerber Land and Cattle
   Richmond, Indiana   [found 9942 times]
Georgia Cattlemen's Association
   Macon, Georgia   [found 10016 times]
Gattis Cattle Company
   Georgetown, Texas   [found 12319 times]
Gateway Simmental
   Lewistown, Montana   [found 40545 times]
Gardiner Angus Ranch
   Ashland, Kansas   [found 44009 times]
Gaffney Family Cattle
   Barneveld, Wisconsin   [found 11354 times]
Gabel Farms
   Wiggins, Colorado   [found 32259 times]
Gaaskjolen Gelbvieh
   Meadow, South Dakota   [found 29552 times]
Furrow Club Calves
   Ellinwood, Kansas   [found 29711 times]
Frost Farms
   Tallula, Illinois   [found 10812 times]
Frontier Stockyards
   Miles City, Montana   [found 28472 times]
Froese Brothers Custom Harvesting
   Inman, Kansas   [found 7270 times]
Friesen Harvesting
   Meade, Kansas   [found 8828 times]
Frey Angus Ranch
   Granville, North Dakota   [found 29673 times]
Freeman Ranch
   Yoder, Colorado   [found 13736 times]
Fred Ranch
   Rose, Nebraska   [found 33684 times]
Frank Turner and Sons Farms
   Hayneville, Alabama   [found 27315 times]
Fox Angus Ranch
   Platte City, Missouri   [found 11969 times]
Four Corners Farms
   St. Francisville, Illinois   [found 11163 times]
Foundation Cattle Company
   Lawson, Missouri   [found 10691 times]
Fort Pierre Livestock Auction, Inc.
   Fort Pierre, South Dakota   [found 29337 times]
Foos Angus Ranch
   Nisland, South Dakota   [found 33201 times]
Folsom Aubracs
   Norwood, Colorado   [found 70961 times]
Foalert Birth Monitoring System
   Acworth, Georgia   [found 41336 times]
Flyin’ M Cattle Co.
   Tracy, California   [found 30915 times]
Flying Horse Ranch
   Larkspur, Colorado   [found 13972 times]
Flying H Genetics
   Arapahoe, Nebraska   [found 45860 times]
Flying B Farms
   Petal, Mississippi   [found 31221 times]
Floyd and Sons Livestock
   Waynesboro, Tennessee   [found 13050 times]
Florida Cattlemen's Association
   Kissimmee, Florida   [found 9943 times]
Flat Creek Farms
   Shelbyville, Tennessee   [found 13866 times]
Five Rivers Cattle
   Johnstown, Colorado   [found 5623 times]
Fisher Ranch Longhorns
   Adkins, Texas   [found 12691 times]
Finley Brothers
   Anderson, Missouri   [found 10815 times]
Fink Beef Genetics
   Randolph, Kansas   [found 31936 times]
Filegonia Cattle Company
   Lott, Texas   [found 12194 times]
Figure 4 Cattle Company
   Eckert, Colorado   [found 27651 times]
Ficke Cattle Company
   Pleasant Dale, Nebraska    402-795-6210   [found 138646 times]
Fey Longhorns
   Yamhill, Oregon   [found 11107 times]
Fesmire Show Cattle
   Bartlett, Kansas   [found 31951 times]
Ferguson Angus
   Agra, Kansas   [found 116627 times]
Feddes Herefords
   Manhattan, Montana   [found 27121 times]
Fast Angus Ranch
   New Salem, North Dakota   [found 11128 times]
Farrer Stock Farms
   Royal Center, Indiana   [found 29054 times]
Farrer Stock Farm
   Royal Center, Indiana   [found 17709 times]
Farrar Cattle Co.
   Kingfisher, Oklahoma   [found 30423 times]
Farmers Livestock Auction
   Springdale, Arkansas   [found 13752 times]
Faith Livestock Auction
   Faith, South Dakota   [found 14765 times]
Fairview Farms
   Moorefield, West Virginia   [found 11445 times]
Fair Acres Stock Farms
   Waldorf, Minnesota   [found 13339 times]
Eyman Buckroo Longhorn Ranch
   Marble Falls, Texas   [found 12510 times]
Evans Farms
   Dublin, Texas   [found 36349 times]
Euchee Creek Farm
   Cushing, Oklahoma   [found 10739 times]
Escoba KC Ranch LLC
   Hugoton , Kansas   [found 7533 times]
Esch Cattle Company
   Unadilla, Nebraska   [found 22674 times]
Escalon Livestock Market
   Escalon, California   [found 19100 times]
Ertel Cattle Company
   Greentop, Missouri   [found 10980 times]
ENS Cattle Company
   Dighton, Kansas   [found 36428 times]
Enlow Ranch
   Tulsa, Oklahoma   [found 40185 times]
Emuckfaw Creek Farm
   Daviston, Alabama   [found 29537 times]
Emporia Livestock Sales Co.
   Emporia, Kansas    (620) 342-2425   [found 102634 times]
Emerson Ranch
   Ellsworth, Nebraska   [found 38863 times]
Emberson Show Cattle
   Nowata, Oklahoma   [found 30552 times]
Elmcrest Genetics
   Manchester, Iowa   [found 11211 times]
Elah Valley Longhorns
   Rogersville, Montana   [found 16461 times]
Effertz Key Ranch
   Velva, North Dakota   [found 51490 times]
Edwards Farms
   Ionia, Michigan   [found 12086 times]
Edje Web Design
   Urbandale, Iowa   [found 20506 times]
Eby Cattle Company
   Emporia, Kansas   [found 12139 times]
Easy Way Cattle Care
   Decorah, Iowa   [found 26433 times]
East Texas Longhorn Association
   Van , Texas   [found 11351 times]
Eagle Pass Ranch
   Highmore, South Dakota   [found 30012 times]
Dyess Farms
   Carson, Mississippi   [found 11890 times]
Dybdal Charolais
   Newcastle, Nebraska   [found 30743 times]
DWD Longhorns
   Hondo, Texas   [found 15352 times]
Dvorak Herefords
   Lake Andes, South Dakota   [found 40761 times]
Dusty Prairie Ranch
   Bartley, Nebraska   [found 40294 times]
DuraTech Industries / Haybuster
   Jamestown, North Dakota   [found 70022 times]
Duff Cattle Company
   Hobart, Oklahoma   [found 31120 times]
Dubas Cattle Co. LLC
   Fullerton, Nebraska   [found 32163 times]
Drovers Cattle Exchange
   Lenexa, Kansas   [found 10509 times]
Drover's Cattle Exchange
   Lenexa, Kansas   [found 12035 times]
Dreamy 280 Cattle Company
   Blue Mounds, Wisconsin   [found 11228 times]
Downey Ranch, Inc.
   Wamego, Kansas   [found 34766 times]
Dove Farms
   Elnora, Indiana   [found 13605 times]
Dove Creek
   Winder, Georgia   [found 12507 times]
Double T Longhorns
   Call, Texas   [found 12307 times]
Double Rafter Cattle Drives
   Ranchester, Wyoming   [found 35976 times]
Double R Guest Ranch, LLC.
   Mullen, Nebraska   [found 34022 times]
Double N Cattle Company
   Muenster, Texas   [found 12934 times]
Double MM Ranches
   ,   [found 12616 times]
Double Lazy T Ranch
   Salina, Kansas   [found 32579 times]
Double H Ranch
   Ten Sleep, Wyoming   [found 12864 times]
Double H Charolais
   Paynesville, Minnesota   [found 28531 times]
Double Diamond Genetics, LLC
   Chrisman, Illinois   [found 12730 times]
Double Diamond Farm
   Cynthiana, Kentucky   [found 38599 times]
Double A Ranch
   Mission, Texas   [found 12556 times]
Double A Land and Cattle
   Nevada, Missouri   [found 9478 times]
Doris Show Cattle
   Ree Heights, South Dakota   [found 7793 times]
Dirty Spur Cattle Company
   Cedar Hills, Utah   [found 12664 times]
Dinklage Feed Yards
   Sidney, Nebraska   [found 42865 times]
Dickinson Ranch
   Gorham, Kansas   [found 29696 times]
Dickinson Cattle Company
   Barnesville, Ohio   [found 31881 times]
Diamond Peak Cattle Company
   Craig, Colorado   [found 22558 times]
Diamond P Cattle Company
   Sebree, Kentucky   [found 12332 times]
Diamond H Ranch Black Braunvieh
   Childress, Texas   [found 13176 times]
Diamond G Welding
   Copan, Oklahoma    918-331-7698

Diamond G Welding has been serving the Cattle Industry since 2008. We have always been, and will always be customer driven. Call us and give us the opportunity to make your day go a little more smoothly.   [found 34279 times]
Diamond D Angus
   Valier, Montana   [found 34808 times]
Diamond B Cattle Company
   Decatur, Texas   [found 31216 times]
Diamond 7 Bar Guest Ranch
   Alva, Wyoming   [found 12902 times]
DeRouchey Cattle Company
   Mitchell, South Dakota   [found 73899 times]
Deppe Angus Cattle
   Waverly, Iowa   [found 11002 times]
Dennis Cattle Co
   Terral, Oklahoma    (580) 662-9211

Guided hunts that include wild hogs, Whitetale deer, Rio Grande turkey, and Bobwhite quail. We also offer hog eradication by helicopter, sales of Hereford Cattle, and Quarter Horses.   [found 178211 times]
Del Hawk Cattle Co.
   Janesville, Wisconsin   [found 30922 times]
Deewall Family Herefords
   Coldwater, Kansas   [found 4746 times]
Deer Creek Longhorns
   Houston, Texas   [found 11892 times]
Dear Run Land and Cattle Company
   Buda, Texas   [found 12950 times]
Day Show Cattle
   Meadow, Texas   [found 32883 times]
Dawson Angus
   Morocco, Indiana   [found 11082 times]
Datamars North America
   Temple, Texas   [found 41181 times]
Darr Feedlot, Inc.
   Cozad, Nebraska   [found 36677 times]
Danciger Tybar Ranch LLC
   Carbondale, Colorado   [found 33194 times]
Dal Porto Livestock
   Oakley, California   [found 29999 times]
Dakota Longhorns
   Worthing, South Dakota   [found 12284 times]
Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council
   South, New Prague, Minnesota   [found 9534 times]
Cypress Creek Cattle Farm
   Florence, Alabama   [found 11191 times]
Curtin Land & Cattle
   Blue Mound, Illinois   [found 13004 times]
Crump Red Angus
   Gillette, Wyoming   [found 12128 times]
Cross Diamond Cattle Company
   Bertrand, Nebraska   [found 12459 times]
Creekstone Farms
   Arkansas City, Kansas   [found 16205 times]
Creating Connections
   ,   [found 43312 times]
CRC Show Steers
   Coleman, Texas   [found 34438 times]
Crazy Cattle Company
   Wellsville, Pennsylvania   [found 13671 times]
Crawford Livestock Market
   Crawford, Nebraska   [found 163990 times]
Crago Performance Horses
   Belle Fourche, South Dakota   [found 35893 times]
CR Longhorns
   Harper, Oregon   [found 11465 times]
Cquin Angus Cattle
   Scott, Louisiana   [found 11091 times]
Coyote Lake Feedyard, Inc.
   Muleshoe, Texas   [found 39549 times]
Cow Camp Feedyard, Inc.
   Lost Springs, Kansas   [found 41949 times]
Cornwell Farms
   St. John, Kansas   [found 13303 times]
Copus Cattle Company
   Burkburnett, Texas   [found 31786 times]
Conover Show Pigs
   Baxter, Iowa   [found 14478 times]
Connelly Angus Ranch
   Valier, Montana   [found 38642 times]
Conley Angus LLC
   Clarksdae, Missouri   [found 11079 times]
Columbus Sales Pavilion Inc.
   Columbus, Nebraska   [found 13518 times]
Colorado Soy
   Stratton, Colorado   [found 62305 times]
Colorado Cattlemen's Association
   Arvada, Colorado   [found 28845 times]
Colorado Cattle Company
   New Raymer, Colorado   [found 6988 times]
Cobett Waterers
   E. Peru, Iowa   [found 43412 times]
Cobb Charolais Ranch, Inc.
   Augusta, Montana   [found 46449 times]
Coalson Real Estate
   Weatherford, Texas   [found 45868 times]
CM Trailers
   Madill, Oklahoma   [found 28381 times]
Cliffhanger Genetics
   Sheridan, Wyoming   [found 15084 times]
Cleburne County Livestock Auction
   Heber Springs, Arkansas   [found 13298 times]
Cleary Building Corp.
   Verona, Wisconsin   [found 38966 times]
Clearwater Farm
   Springfield, Missouri   [found 10599 times]
Circle R Cattle
   Iva, South Carolina   [found 11079 times]
Circle 5 Cattle Co.
   Marble Hill, Missouri   [found 10611 times]
Cinco R Ranch
   Seymour, Texas   [found 12620 times]
Christensen Simmental
   Wessington Springs, South Dakota   [found 28960 times]
Christa Cattle Company
   Stockdale, Texas   [found 11028 times]
Christ The Rock Creek Farm
   St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin   [found 10537 times]
Chippewa Valley Angus Farms
   Rittman, Ohio   [found 30653 times]
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
   Chicago, Illinois   [found 79325 times]
Cheyenne Charolais
   Wasta, South Dakota   [found 31760 times]
Charlie Brown Auction Company / OK Cow Sales
   Chickasha, Oklahoma   [found 30231 times]
Chaneys Dexters
   Tellico Plains, Tennessee   [found 9544 times]
Chaney Registered Dexter Cattle
   Tellico Plains, Tennessee   [found 8396 times]
Chandler Cattle Company LLC
   Haskell, Oklahoma   [found 10792 times]
Certified Piedmontese
   Lincoln, Nebraska   [found 35634 times]
Century Acres Angus Cattle
   Vincent, Iowa   [found 11532 times]
Central Oregon Livestock Auction
   Madras, Oregon   [found 15752 times]
Centerton Livestock Auction
   Centerton, Arkansas   [found 15445 times]
Cave Angus Farm
   Campbellsville, Kentucky   [found 15216 times]
CattleTime, LLC
   Atlanta, Georgia   [found 9863 times]
Cattlemens Livestock Auction
   Lakeland, Florida   [found 11030 times]
Cattlemens Ball
   Wauneta, Nebraska   [found 37152 times]
Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry
   Houston, Texas   [found 24430 times]
Cattlemen's Livestock Market
   Galt, California   [found 10471 times]
Cattlemen's Livestock Auction
   Harrison , Arkansas   [found 13848 times]
Cattlemen's Connection
   Hiawatha, Kansas   [found 26451 times]
Cattlemans Corner
   Minatare, Nebraska    308 783-2150

Daily radio program featuring interviews with people in the cattle business.   [found 151839 times]
Cattleman's Livestock Commission Company
   Dalhart, Texas   [found 30645 times]
Cattleman's Brenham Livestock
   Brenham, Texas   [found 13183 times]
   Julesburg, Colorado   [found 46003 times]
Cattle-Lac Liquid Feed
   Gainesville, Texas   [found 33042 times]
Cattle Visions
   Clark, Missouri   [found 10519 times]
Cattle Vac Box
   ,   [found 1580 times]
Cattle Systems by LS
   Frenchtown, Montana   [found 1932 times]
Cattle Empire, LLC
   Satanta, Kansas   [found 33777 times]
Cattle Country Video
   Torrington, Wyoming   [found 12808 times]
Carver Herefords
   Cotton Center, Texas   [found 36245 times]
Carstens Farms LTD
   Adair, Iowa   [found 49739 times]
Carr Cattle
   Sudan, Texas   [found 10832 times]
Cardinal Charolais
   Hillrose, Colorado   [found 32325 times]
Cardinal Cattle Company
   Wyoming, Illinois   [found 9867 times]
Canyon Trial Longhorns
   West Point, Texas   [found 11683 times]
Cannon River Ranches
   Highmore, South Dakota   [found 30293 times]
Cancrete Cattle Waterers
   York, Nebraska   [found 37991 times]
Canaan Cattle Company
   Whitewright, Texas   [found 12215 times]
Calyx Star Ranch
   Shuqualak, Mississippi   [found 11895 times]
Callaway Cattle Company
   Hogansville, Georgia   [found 11505 times]
California Cattleman's Association
   Sacramento, California   [found 27344 times]
Caldwell Show Cattle
   Elmwood, Illinois   [found 28452 times]
Cain Cattle Company
   Gulfport, Mississippi   [found 11472 times]
Cagwin Farms and Cagwin Cattle Services
   Virginia, Illinois   [found 43052 times]
Cactus Feeders
   Amarillo, Texas   [found 35020 times]
Cache La Poudre Feeds LLC
   Fort Collins, Colorado   [found 34770 times]
C2 Cattle Co. LP
   Eagle Point, Oregon   [found 9984 times]
C&W Longhorns
   Lampasas, Texas   [found 12333 times]
Byrd Cattle Company
   Red Bluff, California   [found 30232 times]
Butler Texas Longhorns
   Lockhart, Texas   [found 13657 times]
Burwell Livestock Market II, LTD
   Burwell, Nebraska    308 346-4257

One of the Sandhill's largest cattle auctions featuring choice and fancy stocker and feeder cattle. Cattle sales every Friday in Burwell, Nebraska.   [found 68876 times]
Burrows Family Pine Plantation & Longhorn Cattle Company
   Timpson, Texas   [found 14402 times]
Burleson Cattle Company
   Jonesborough, Tennessee   [found 11141 times]
Bulls Eye Ranch
   Burton, Texas   [found 4593 times]
Bull's Eye Ranch
   Burton, Texas   [found 10972 times]
Bull Creek Longhorns
   Fayetteville, Texas   [found 16776 times]
Buford Ranches LLC
   Vinita, Oklahoma   [found 101206 times]
Buffalo Lake Ranch
   Eden, South Dakota   [found 22861 times]
Buckhorn Cattle Company
   Guthrie, Oklahoma   [found 13641 times]
Buck Cattle Company
   Madill, Oklahoma   [found 30126 times]
Buchanan Cattle Enterprises
   Aldie, Virginia   [found 10714 times]
Bryant Cattle Company
   Camargo, Oklahoma   [found 12231 times]
Brute Cattle Equipment/ Dodge Mfg.
   Dodge, Nebraska   [found 43612 times]
Brookover Feed Yard, Inc
   Garden City, Kansas   [found 37233 times]
Broken Wagon Cattle Company
   ,   [found 11514 times]
Broken Bow Livestock
   Broken Bow, Nebraska   [found 16196 times]
Broken Arrow Angus
   Harrison, Nebraska    308-668-9460

Our program has been focused on profitability from the beginning and the phenotype, pedigree and numbers of these bulls validates this claim. We expect our cows to breed in a 45-day period and start calving the middle of March.   [found 142601 times]
British White Cattle Association of America, LTD.
   Pequot Lakes, Minnesota   [found 30847 times]
Briggs Feed Yard
   Seward, Nebraska   [found 32855 times]
Brevig Charolais
   Lewistown, Montana   [found 31289 times]
Brandt Farms
   Corning, Iowa   [found 39961 times]
Brad Z Ranch
   Guthrie Center, Iowa   [found 11794 times]
Boyd Beef Cattle
   Mays , Kentucky   [found 11039 times]
Bowie Livestock Sale Barn
   Bowie, Texas   [found 41394 times]
Bow Creek Farm and Cattle Co.
   Hershey, Pennsylvania   [found 12758 times]
Bormann Red Angus & Simmental
   Livermore, Iowa   [found 39654 times]
Bordner Farms
   Sturgis, Michigan   [found 11448 times]
Booths Cherry Creek Ranch
   Veteran, Wyoming   [found 125181 times]
Boot Hill Farms LLC
   Hamilton, Missouri   [found 13387 times]
Bonnell Farms Show Cattle
   Hope, Indiana   [found 33885 times]
Bonham Show Cattle
   Newcastle, Oklahoma   [found 14333 times]
Bonchasse Land and Cattle Co., LLC
   Grand Cane, Louisiana   [found 12535 times]
Bold Ranch
   Winifred, Montana    (406) 462-5522

Bold Ranch is a working and recreational ranch located southeast of Winifred in the heart of Central Montana.   [found 163460 times]
Bobcat Angus
   Galata, Montana
   http:///   [found 36515 times]
Bob Loomis Quarter Horses
   Overbrook, Oklahoma   [found 37964 times]
BM Angus
   York, Nebraska   [found 12457 times]
Blume Cattle
   Pierre, South Dakota   [found 13114 times]
Blueberry Hill Farms
   Norfolk, Nebraska   [found 11612 times]
Blue Ridge Ranch
   Llano, Texas   [found 12744 times]
Blue Mountain Longhorns
   Drury, Missouri   [found 12309 times]
Bloomington Livestock Exchange
   Bloomington, Wisconsin   [found 14292 times]
Blissard Cattle Co.
   Big Spring, Texas   [found 10275 times]
Blankinship Land & Cattle Real Estate
   Paris, Texas   [found 475 times]
Blackwater Cattle Company
   Lake Park, Georgia   [found 10880 times]
Bison Industries, Inc.
   Norfolk, Nebraska   [found 38206 times]
Bird Cattle
   Lubbock, Texas   [found 13124 times]
Billings Livestock Commission
   Billings, Montana   [found 103289 times]
Bill New Gelbvieh
   Arnett, Oklahoma   [found 11139 times]
Bigelow Exotic Cattle
   Bigelow, Arkansas   [found 4275 times]
Big Valley Longhorns
   St. John, Kansas   [found 12920 times]
Big Timber Cattle
   Lithia, Florida   [found 11366 times]
Big Rok Angus
   Detroit Lakes, Minnesota   [found 11383 times]
Big Ridge Highland Cattle
   Green Mountain, North Carolina   [found 10777 times]
Bieber Red Angus Ranch
   Leola, South Dakota   [found 32633 times]
Best Cattle Sales
   Hempstead, Texas   [found 10968 times]
Berger's Headmaster Bulls
   Stapleton, Nebraska   [found 42861 times]
Berend Bros.
   Wichita Falls, Texas   [found 17798 times]
Benton County Sale Barn
   Siloam Springs, Arkansas   [found 14537 times]
Bensman Family Farms
   Waynesville, Ohio   [found 15020 times]
Benoit Angus
   Esbon, Kansas   [found 11349 times]
Belted Galloway Society, Inc.
   New Glarus, Wisconsin   [found 31735 times]
Belle Point Ranch
   Fort Smith, Arkansas   [found 30506 times]
Bell Brook Belgian Blue Beef
   Nacogdoches, Texas   [found 13898 times]
Beaverhead Livestock Auction
   Dillon, Montana   [found 14404 times]
Beaver Creek Farm
   Hartwell, Georgia   [found 14201 times]
Beaver Creek Cattle Company
   Ponca City, Oklahoma   [found 16517 times]
Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch
   Pierre, South Dakota   [found 14827 times]
Beartooth Ranch
   Columbus, Montana   [found 35609 times]
Bearley A Ranch
   Grapeland, Texas   [found 12171 times]
Bear Paw Livestock
   Chinook, Montana   [found 43162 times]
Bear Creek Cattle
   Ellijay, Georgia   [found 11221 times]
Bear Creek Barnyard
   Moreland, Georgia   [found 13276 times]
Beal Cattle Company
   Glencoe, Oklahoma   [found 10080 times]
BC Ranches of Texas
   Comfort, Texas   [found 11208 times]
BB Cattle Company
   Connell, Washington   [found 37809 times]
Bauman Cattle Co.
   Briggsdale, Colorado   [found 37317 times]
Baty Angus Ranch
   Brigham City, Utah   [found 13217 times]
Bassett Livestock Auction
   Bassett, Nebraska   [found 25863 times]
Bartos / Frederick Angus
   Verdigre, Nebraska   [found 119775 times]
Bar S Angus Ranch
   Paradise, Kansas   [found 11617 times]
Bar R Cattle Company
   Pullman, Washington   [found 12067 times]
Bar JZ Ranches
   Holabird, South Dakota   [found 10953 times]
Bar J Ranch
   Brooten, Minnesota   [found 13535 times]
Bar G Feedyard
   Hereford, Texas   [found 38594 times]
Bar A Cattle
   Schulenburg, Texas   [found 37872 times]
Balfour Farm
   Pittsfield, Maine   [found 12838 times]
Baldridge Brothers Performance Angus
   North Platte, Nebraska   [found 13582 times]
Baker Hereford Ranch
   Rapid City, South Dakota   [found 61845 times]
Bagley Performance Horses
   Dimmitt, Texas   [found 46114 times]
Badger Creek Cattle Company
   Emporia, Kansas   [found 13193 times]
Bachman Cattle Farms
   Chillicothe, Missouri   [found 11079 times]
B4 Cattle Company
   Piedmont, Texas   [found 13133 times]
Axtell Cattle Company
   Anton, Colorado   [found 12196 times]
Austin Cattle
   Weatherford, Texas   [found 13083 times]
Astera Meadows Ranch
   Coupland, Texas   [found 12798 times]
Aspen Hill Farms
   Holly Springs, Mississippi   [found 10062 times]
Ash Creek Ranch
   Crawford, Nebraska   [found 45559 times]
Arrow Crown Angus
   Morrill, Nebraska   [found 148556 times]
Arkansas Cattlemen's Association
   Little Rock, Arkansas   [found 31296 times]
Arkansas Cattle Auction, LLC
   Searcy, Arkansas   [found 29139 times]
ArJohns Angus
   Bertha, Minnesota   [found 11411 times]
Arizona Beef Council
   Phoenix, Arizona   [found 42044 times]
Arapaho Ranch
   Thermopolis, Wyoming   [found 11193 times]
Apple Hill Angus Cattle
   Harrisville, Michigan   [found 10874 times]
Apple Hill Angus Cattle
   Mikado, Maryland   [found 11120 times]
Apple Cattle Company
   Lexington, Kentucky   [found 10822 times]
Apex Cattle
   Dannebrog, Nebraska   [found 35358 times]
Antelope Creek Ranch
   Lusk, Wyoming   [found 30109 times]
Ankole Watusi International Registry
   Spring Hill, Kansas   [found 28660 times]
Angus Journal
   St. Joseph, Missouri   [found 35441 times]
ANB Ranch
   Sweetwater, Texas   [found 10752 times]
Amite Livestock Sales, Inc.
   Amite, Louisiana   [found 34839 times]
American Wagyu Association
   Post Falls, Idaho   [found 34768 times]
American Simmental Association
   Bozeman, Montana   [found 34034 times]
American Shorthorn Association
   Kansas City, Missouri   [found 38028 times]
American Salers Association
   Parker, Colorado   [found 86667 times]
American Red Brangus Association
   Dripping Springs, Texas   [found 34098 times]
American Pinzgauer Association
   Kingsville, Texas   [found 34410 times]
American National Cattlewomen Inc.
   El Reno, Oklahoma   [found 32518 times]
American Murray Greys Association
   New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania   [found 31131 times]
American Lowline Registry
   Parker, Colorado   [found 29411 times]
American Jersey Cattle Association
   Reynoldsburg, Ohio   [found 30533 times]
American Highland Cattle Association
   Brighton, Colorado   [found 37181 times]
American Hereford Association
   Kansas City, Missouri   [found 36931 times]
American Gelbvieh Association
   Broomfield, Colorado   [found 68198 times]
American Dexter Cattle Association
   Springfield, Missouri   [found 41258 times]
American Chianina Association
   Platte City, Missouri   [found 34285 times]
American Cattle Services
   Chattanooga, Oklahoma   [found 41833 times]
American Brahman Breeders Association
   Houston, Texas   [found 37691 times]
American Blue Cattle Association
   Nacogdoches, Texas   [found 31747 times]
Alma Livestock Auction, LLC
   Alma, Nebraska   [found 31676 times]
ALM Show Cattle
   Rensselaer, Indiana   [found 34647 times]
Alliance Liquid Feeds, LLC - Loomix
   Johnstown, Colorado   [found 42170 times]
Allgood Show Cattle
   Bellevue, Texas   [found 2599 times]
Alexander Braunvieh Ranch
   Brashear, Texas   [found 12640 times]
Aldermere Farm
   Rockport, Maine   [found 34477 times]
Alcove Cattle Company
   Blue Rapids, Kansas   [found 10967 times]
Albion Livestock Market Inc
   Albion , Nebraska   [found 14450 times]
Alabama Junior Cattlemen's Association
   Montgomery, Alabama   [found 17545 times]
Alabama Cattlemen's Association
   Montgomery, Alabama   [found 35925 times]
Ahlberg Cattle
   Longmont, Colorado   [found 24431 times]
Agri-Best Feeds
   Billings, Montana   [found 47097 times]
Agri Beef Company
   Boise, Idaho   [found 43549 times]
Agle Family Show Cattle
   South Vienna, Ohio   [found 37260 times]
Aegerter Marketing Services
   Seward, Nebraska   [found 13415 times]
AcMoody Farms
   Union City, Michigan   [found 26298 times]
Ackerman Distributing
   La Salle, Colorado   [found 49822 times]
Able Acres Polled Herefords
   Wingate, Indiana   [found 32035 times]
AberTees Shorthorns
   O'Neill, Nebraska   [found 31358 times]
ABC Cattle
   Basset, Nebraska   [found 12093 times]
A,W. Thome Land and Cattle, Inc.
   Adair, Oklahoma   [found 11106 times]
A W Thorne Land and Cattle
   Adair, Oklahoma   [found 134793 times]
A and S Land and Cattle
   Dundee, Oregon   [found 10348 times]
A and B Cattle
   Bassett, Nebraska   [found 37009 times]
9K Ranch
   Schulenburg, Texas   [found 4883 times]
7P Ranch
   Winona, Texas   [found 43887 times]
7 Triangle 7 Cattle Co., LLC
   Akron, Colorado   [found 16991 times]
6H Longhorns
   Spring, Texas   [found 12633 times]
6666 Ranch - Burnett Ranches, LLC
   Guthrie, Texas   [found 59049 times]
5 Star Cattle Co.
   Singer, Louisiana   [found 9438 times]
4V Ranch Douthit Herefords
   St. Francis, Kansas   [found 14210 times]
4R Farms
   Pennville, Indiana   [found 33467 times]
4M Angus
   Blue Hill, Nebraska   [found 13281 times]
   GLENBURN, North Dakota   [found 22382 times]
4B Ranch
   Tulsa, Oklahoma   [found 13211 times]
455 Finn Farms
   Tabor CIty, North Carolina   [found 12985 times]
44 Farms
   Cameron, Texas   [found 31012 times]
4-D Shorthorns
   Elk City, Oklahoma   [found 13285 times]
3R Ranch Outfitters
   Beulah, Colorado   [found 43694 times]
3P Longhorn Ranch
   Whitewright, Texas   [found 13492 times]
3K Land & Cattle
   Justin, Texas   [found 12935 times]
324 Land and Cattle
   Goliad, Texas   [found 18956 times]
2XL Cattle Company LLC
   Garden Grove, Iowa   [found 12467 times]
2T Cattle Guard
   Arthur City, Texas   [found 34815 times]
2K Cattle Enterprises
   Glen Haven, Wisconsin   [found 10469 times]
2H Cattle
   Garden City, Minnesota   [found 26252 times]
21 Angus Ranch
   New England, North Dakota   [found 31755 times]
2 Bar Rockin K
   Yancey, Texas   [found 12432 times]

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